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New Year's Eve menu in the Wunderkammer
Start at 19.00, end 23.00 clock
Truffled parsnip soup
Flamed Ikarimilach with avocado, mango, papaya and coconut
Dry Aged cattle back and beef cheek in varnish, garlic-vanilla butter, beetroot and Romanesco
Chocolate praline parfait with gingerbread crumble and kumquats
59 € / person, ticket order: kontakt@wunderkammer-stuttgart.de
Our lunch dishes
12:00 to 14:00
Gaisburger march with boiled meat, potatoes, vegetables, spaetzle
Coconut curry ginger soup
Homemade Organic Flammkuchen Alsatian Style
Homemade organic tarte with goat cheese, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds
Homemade organic tarte cake with smoked salmon and spinach
Salad leaves with apricot chutney and fish fillets
Pasta with pumpkin, spinach, tomatoes and cranberry (alternatively gluten-free corn spaghetti)
Homemade ravioli with potato salad and onion melt
Avocado and aubergine cheese with tomato jam and puff pastry
Pork cheek with spaetzle and salad
Autumn risotto with pumpkin or mushrooms
Black Forest trout fillet with rösti, horseradish, beetroot and apple
Onion roast beef from Staufenrind with hand-scraped spaetzle and salad
Duck from our Flamberge wall grill with mango chia seed chutney, spinach and sweet potato mash
Freshly baked crispy bread with pimento or yuzu butter
CHILDREN'S MEAL (up to 5 years free with order of a lunch): Pasta with sauce
Sweet & dessert
Cake from the counter
Fresh buttermilk waffle with apple compote and rosemary honey foam
Crepe with Nutella
Tonka beans Crème brûlée
Mousse au Chocolat
Nomoo "ice cream, in a cup, different sorts
8:00 to 14:00. Complemented by small, daily changing treats at our kitchen bar.
Homemade brioche Frenchtoast, fruit salad, roasted nuts and Remsecker meadow honey
"Eggs Benedikt" Poached organic eggs with toasted bread, cooked ham, spinach, hollandaise and fresh truffle
Ragout of avocado, tomatoes, goat cheese, parsley and pine nuts with braised chicory on egg frittata
"Strammer Max" on our spelled bread with chili butter and organic boiled ham, you will find 2 organic fried eggs, in addition to pickles
Papaya mango salad with cashews, cilantro, toasted sesame oil and Stauferico ham with homemade banana bread
Potato rösti with smoked salmon, avocado, horseradish & sour cream
Crepe with Nutella
Fresh buttermilk waffle with apple compote and rosemary honey foam
Crepe with chocolate and children's cappuccino (organic)
Muesli & Kindercappuccino (organic)



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