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New Year's Eve menu 2019/2020
Enjoy our 5-course-menu and slip together with us into the new year 2020. Please feel free to contact us!
As a welcome, you will receive 1 glass pantry West Rieslingsekt
Little greeting from the kitchen
Mushroom terrine with stuffed cigar and wild herb salad
Three things from the soup kitchen: celery essence, pasta cream soup with tonka beans, pea soup with ham chips
Poached salmon trout dumpling with lukewarm vegetable salad and lemon vinaigrette
Bison from Krähberghof in three varieties with quince-red cabbage and Bohemian dumplings
Cherry times 3: cherry tiramisu, vanilla and cherry ice cream in a dressing gown, chocolate cherries
price per person 83, 00 €
Specialties from our wine cellar - suitable for each course 0,1l per person 40, 00 €
Season - culinary vanguard
Pumpkin soup with its own oil and seeds 6, 50 €
Corn salad with potato dressing and bacon croutons 9, 00 €
Scamorza from the Hohensteiner Hofkäserei in red beetroot with redcurrant pear chutney and salad bouquet 11, 00 €
Classic - Culinary Vanguard
Colorful side salad in vinaigrette 6, 00 €
Homemade salmon trout with honey-dill-mustard dip and potato rösti 15, 00 €
Consommé vom Hohenloher Rind with herbs and chives 7, 00 €
Season - main course
Spinach dumplings with brown butter and roasted herbs 15, 00 €
Homemade pumpkin ravioli panned in sage butter and roasted pumpkin seeds 18, 50 €
Braised cheeks from Hohenlohe beef with vegetables and potato gratin 24, 00 €
Classic - main course
Homemade Maultaschen with smoked onions and Lembergersauce, with potato and lettuce 15, 00 €
Whole trout from Oberkochener breed filled with herbal bunch and fried in a piece with lemon butter and boiled potatoes 21, 00 €
Onions roast of albrind with dark Lembergersauce and spaetzle with butter crumbs 27, 00 €
Season - Delicate perfection
Nougat mousse with plums 8, 50 €
Quince oven slipper with vanilla sauce and caramel salt ice cream 8, 00 €
Classic - delicate perfection
Lukewarm chocolate cake with liquid core and homemade vanilla ice cream 9, 00 €
Cheese selection with different cheeses made from buffalo, cow and goat's milk from the Hohensteiner cheese dairy and the cheese maker 11, 00 €



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