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Small & Light
The best of the region - freshly cooked and without industrial flavor enhancers or artificial additives.
Cuisine: Regional, Small & Light
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Lunch specials

3 Jun
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Reopened | Day ticket 11:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. | All dishes are still available to take away.
cold cucumber bowl 4, 50 €
Colorful side salad with our own vinaigrette 4, 50 €
Main Course
Large, colorful leaf lettuce with lukewarm grilled vegetables 10, 00 €
Zucchini stuffed with couscous, tomato sauce and colorful lettuce 8, 00 €
Saltimbocca from the Swabian Hälische Landschwein with lemon sauce, tagliatelle and colorful vegetables 10, 00 €
Homemade mocha ice cream with fresh strawberries 4, 50 €
Iced coffee with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 4, 50 €
On current occasion: pick-up service
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From our menu

Season - main course
Spinach dumplings with brown butter and roasted herbs 15, 00 €
Homemade pumpkin ravioli panned in sage butter and roasted pumpkin seeds 18, 50 €
Season - culinary vanguard
Pumpkin soup with its own oil and seeds 6, 50 €
Corn salad with potato dressing and bacon croutons 9, 00 €
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About us

Small, independent cuisine with the aim of spoiling its guests with seasonal and regional dishes - that is our culinary tactic. We basically do without artificial additives and industrial flavor enhancers. We source our food from the region, because real freshness is only possible if the distances are short. Our suppliers are carefully selected. For us, they are not just business partners, but friends who share our convictions. That is why our menu is minimalistic in every season - with seasonal dishes, local food and excellent wine from the winemaker next door. We use more than 90% regional products and have already been awarded and certified for this - true to the motto: "We give good food right!"


Rosenbergstraße 89
70193 Stuttgart


Mon - Fri
11:30 - 14:30
17:30 - 23:00
17:30 - 23:00


0711 93590622


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