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Location & stage. Freshly cooked, seasonal, regional, Mediterranean, simply delicious.
Cuisine: Regional, Mediterranean
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Lunch specials

22 Oct
23 Oct
24 Oct
25 Oct
26 Oct
Main Course
Spinach dumplings on forest mushrooms à la crème, side salad 7, 50 €
Braised cabbage roulade with mashed potatoes and butter carrots 8, 00 €
Potato stew with fried string sausage and herbs 5, 00 €
Greek farmer's salad with olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, goat's cheese and farmhouse bread 8, 00 €
Melted dumplings with spinach and mountain cheese baked on salad 8, 00 €
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From our menu

In the evening
Blattsalat Rosenau - Freshly harvested leaf salads from the Stuttgart weekly market and our vegan, homemade dressing serve as the basis for our popular classic of the house 7, 00 €
+ marinated goat cheese + pomegranate 4, 50 €
Evening - dessert
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Milk Chocolate Panna cotta with preserved wild berries 4, 90 €
Golden brown baked apple strudel with vanilla sauce 5, 50 €
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About us

The Rosenau, locality and stage, is an institution in the west of Stuttgart and known far beyond the city limits. Renovated from the ground up in July / August 2018, the location now presents itself in a new light. We cook regionally and mediterranean on a high level. And because we find that good food does not necessarily include meat, we also offer our guests a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. Enjoy our daily changing lunch menu, where basically a vegetarian dish is on the menu, or let yourself be pampered in the evening with regional and seasonal dishes - even before the events. And if you want something very special, of course, we'll do it for you. We are very interested in events such as the Dunkelrestaurant in cooperation with aus: sicht eV Dunkelrestaurant. Of course, you can also rent the Rosenau for your personal events of 10 - 180 people, for this is the restaurant, hall, stage and the entire event technology available.


Rotebühlstraße 109b
70178 Stuttgart


Mon, Sun
Tue - Fri
11:30 - 14:30
17:00 - 22:00
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0711 6619020


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