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Regional cuisine made from seasonal, seasonal produce in the west of Stuttgart.
Cuisine: Regional, Mediterranean
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Soups, salads and treats
Rinderkraft broth with herb patty 4, 50 €
Breton seafood soup with vegetables and saffron 9, 90 €
Schwaben feast
Roast Maultaschen crispy fried with onion smoked, bacon and potato endive salad 14, 50 €
Three pigs: three pork tenderloin medallions with cream chanterelles and hand-scraped spaetzle 18, 90 €
daily recommendation
Refreshing herbal gin cocktail with low alcohol 6, 50 €
Pork chops in Kaiser breaded baked with colorful late summer salads 14, 90 €
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About us

With us the spaetzle are handgeschabt and our roast still tastes of beef. That's why our Swabian specialties are a real hit.

Regional and seasonal products form the basis of Rösch's cuisine. Accordingly, our menu contains almost daily recommendations fresh from the market and our lunch menu changes weekly.

We basically do not use flavor enhancers such as Glutamate. Everything is natural with us - if your dish contains mango, then you can be sure that the fruit has ripened on the tree.

Also with our wines we pay attention to the regional origin and focus on wineries with predicate. Currently we carry wines from Stuttgart, Fellbach and Stetten. We are also known for our wide range of open wines.

Incidentally, Restaurant Rösch looks back on more than a hundred years of history.


Scheffelstraße 23
70193 Stuttgart


Tue - Sat
11:30 - 14:00
18:00 - 22:00
11:30 - 14:00


0711 654747


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