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Current menu - finger food
Chicken skewers in satay sauce (3 pieces) 5, 00 €
Rice paper rolls filled with cucumber, lettuce, carrots, basil, mint, fresh bean sprouts, chicken meat and shrimps filled with Nuoc-Mam-Vinaigrette. (also vegetarian) (2 pieces) 6, 00 €
Current menu - main dishes
Wok & traditional Vietnamese dishes
Ga xao ot - Fried chicken fillet with market vegetables in fine lemongrass Sambal Oelek sauce. In addition fragrance rice. 9, 50 €
GÀ SÔT NGHÊ - Poulard meat cut into leaves, sautéed with fresh vegetables in a chilli sauce in a coriander seed, jasmine rice.S (spicy) 15, 50 €
BÚN THIT NUONG - Chicken breast marinated with lemongrass on a salad of warm rice noodles, carrot straw, soybean sprouts, herbs and salted peanuts in Nuoc Mam-Vinaigrette.S (spicy) 17, 00 €
DANANG CURRY - beef hip fried with fresh Baby Pak Choi vegetables, young bamboo market vegetables refined with lemon grass and pounded peanuts, jasmine rice. (sharp) 18, 00 €
VEGETARIAN: SHAOLIN - composition of Asian and regional vegetables, baked tofu, basil leaves in vegetable bouillon sauce, jasmine rice. 15, 00 €
Current menu - dessert
Coconut cream in a glass jar with mango sauce and lava ice 5, 00 €
Noodle soup
All soups are free of additives, contain sesame oil and can also be ordered with tofu instead of meat.
MÌ GÀ CHIÊN - Egg noodle soup with marinated chicken, fresh Asian vegetables and cilantro. 10, 90 €
RAMEN - Wan Tan filled with delicacies from land and sea in traditional egg noodle soup with vegetables 12, 50 €
SÚP GÀ CÀRI - Red curry rice noodle soup with chicken breast, mixed vegetables, in a strong chili broth (spicy) 13, 50 €
RICE BAND - noodle soup with fine strips of beef hip, Asian vegetables, sambal Olek bean paste. (sharp) 12, 50 €
HOKKIEN - egg noodle soup with honey duck breast, baby pak choi, bean sprouts and fresh cilantro 13, 50 €
Finger food
BUTTERFLY SHRIMPS - Butterfly Shrimp crispy baked in coconut fat (4 pieces) 4, 10 €
CHICKEN SPIESS - Chicken skewers in satay sauce (3 pieces) 4, 30 €
GOI-CUÓN (also vegetarian with tofu) - Vietnamese rice paper rolls with salad, chicken meat, shrimps (2 pieces) 5, 50 €
WAN-TAN (fried) - Wonton with shrimp, chicken meat, water chestnuts and sweet and sour ginger chilli sauce (4 pieces) 5, 50 €
CHA GIÒ (fried) - Spring rolls filled with crabs and shrimps, on sweet and sour ginger chilli sauce (3 pieces) 3, 90 €
SPECIAL SELECTION (for 2 persons) - Chicken skewers, Goi cuòn, Wan Tan, Cha Giò Butterflly shrimp and exquisite dips 14, 90 €
VIETNAMESE SALAD - Traditional, with shrimp, peanuts and traditional Vietnamese sauce (slightly spicy) 9, 90 €
CHICKEN SPRING SALAD - Finely marinated poulard meat with Thai basil, coriander, sweet and sour ginger chilli sauce. 8, 50 €
Please ask us about the desserts, because depending on the season there are also other delicacies.
KOKOSCREAM - in mason jar with mango sauce 4, 50 €
KÜCHLEIN VON KLEBREIS - filled with grated coconut and salted peanuts 3, 70 €
BIO SOY YOGHURT with mango sauce and peanuts (spicy) 4, 50 €
MARINATED CHILI BANANA - with palm sugar and peanuts (spicy) 4, 50 €
LAVA EIS - vanilla ice cream baked in a coconut shell 4, 50 €
All vegetarian dishes are free of additives, contain sesame oil.
CARI CHAi - Asian vegetable pan with tofu, Thai basil, fruity curry sauce, lemongrass and jasmine rice (spicy) 12, 50 €
CHAI-MEN - Fried noodles with fresh seasonal vegetables Soja sprouts, deep-fried tofu and coriander flavor 12, 90 €
SHAOLIN - Asian and local vegetables, baked tofu, basil leaves with vegetable broth sauce 11, 90 €
BÚN CHAY - Colorful vegetable rice noodles with deep-fried tofu, lost egg, crushed salted peanuts and cilantro 12, 90 €
RAU XAÒ XA - Roasted vegetables in lemongrass chilli sauce, coriander leaves and jasmine rice (spicy) 11, 90 €
Wok dishes
All dishes are free of additives, contain sesame oil.
SINGAPORE - fried rice noodle pan with lost egg, poulard meat, shrimp, vegetables, peanuts (slightly spicy) 14, 50 €
GÀ XÀO QUÊ - Poulardenfleisch sautéed with fresh vegetables in Asia-basil-chili sauce and jasmine rice (spicy) 12, 50 €
TOM XÀO TIÊÚ - Prawns and vegetables fried in wok, with coriander in peppered teriyaki sauce and jasmine rice (spicy) 15, 90 €
Traditional Vietnamese dishes
Our soy sauce KIKKOMAN is free of additives. Meals contain sesame oil.
BÒ XA OT - roasted beef breast, with fresh lemongrass onion-chili sauce, jasmine rice (spicy) 13, 90 €
GÀ CARI - Chicken breast with vegetables, coconut curry sauce, Thai basil, lemon grass, jasmine rice (spicy) 12, 90 €
BUN THIT NUONG - Poulard breast, salad of lukewarm rice noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, peanuts, Nuoc Mam vinaigrette 13, 90 €
BÒ XÀO ME - Sauteed beef belly with vegetables in sweet-sour chili-tamarind sauce and jasmine rice (spicy) 13, 90 €
PANANG CARI - Roast beef with garden vegetables in panang curry peanut sauce, Thai basil, jasmine rice (spicy) 13, 90 €
BÒ XÀO XÌ DÂÙ - Seared Argentine beef breast with broccoli, mangetout soy sauce and jasmine rice 13, 90 €
VÌT XÀO XÔT XÒAÌ - Marinated duck meat with caramelised carrots, mango sauce with Asian herbs, jasmine rice 15, 90 €



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