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Vietnamese-Asian cuisine at Wilhelmplatz - we cook fresh, authentic and delicious for you every day.
Cuisine: Asian
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Happy lunch - soft drink 0.2 l, crispy spring roll, daily lunch, vietnam. Coffee or espresso € 13.90
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From our menu

Finger food
BUTTERFLY SHRIMPS - Butterfly Shrimp crispy baked in coconut fat (4 pieces) 4, 10 €
CHICKEN SPIESS - Chicken skewers in satay sauce (3 pieces) 4, 30 €
Current menu - dessert
Coconut cream in a glass jar with mango sauce and lava ice 5, 00 €
Noodle soup
All soups are free of additives, contain sesame oil and can also be ordered with tofu instead of meat.
MÌ GÀ CHIÊN - Egg noodle soup with marinated chicken, fresh Asian vegetables and cilantro. 10, 90 €
RAMEN - Wan Tan filled with delicacies from land and sea in traditional egg noodle soup with vegetables 12, 50 €
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About us

"The best decisions come from the gut." Sometimes they even come directly from the stomach. I love the traditional Asian cuisine and especially the noodle soups - this refinedly seasoned, always freshly prepared broth that has to cook for hours to develop its taste. But nobody cooked our favorite soups in Stuttgart. So our stomach decided: we cook ourselves! So that people can learn to appreciate traditional Asian cuisine. I grew up here in Germany and grew up in gastronomy. As a Chinese born in Vietnam, it is particularly important to me to give you an insight into the country of my early childhood. If you want to get to know one of the true flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, try BÒ XA OT, roasted beef hip with fresh lemongrass and onion-chili sauce, an extraordinary dish. Or BÒ XÀO ME, sauteed beef hip in a sweet and sour chili-tamarind sauce. Tired of meat? Then enjoy one of our delicious vegetarian dishes. XIN CHÀO - Greetings! Your Fanny Tran-Nong.


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70182 Stuttgart


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