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Small & Light
Light, tasty, casual ... you have to experience this pleasure yourself. BIO gastronomy with DEMETER certification.
Cuisine: Regional, Small & Light
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Lunch specials

20 Nov
21 Nov
22 Nov
23 Nov
24 Nov
From Mon - Sat: Any dish with soup of the day or salad. Additionally with daily-dessert + € 1,50
Main Course
Stuffed peppers with mozzarella, bulgur and tomato sauce 10, 50 €
Sliced pork with mushrooms and homemade spaetzle 12, 50 €
Our salad of the week: Colorful autumn salad with khaki, cottage cheese and roasted sunflower seeds 14, 50 €
Our meal of the week: Savoy cabbage onion with spicy couscous and walnuts 11, 50 €
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From our menu

Is it in the casual all day
Rich selection of organic cakes and pies
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Beetroot and coconut soup 6, 50 €
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About us

Light, tasty, casual - that's the new Stuttgart kitchen. The origin of our restaurant lies with Lotte Lässig, in the times of our grandparents a cook legend from Stuttgart. Today, this heritage is lived by Sabine Brand-Lässig and her team. In the Lässig only BIO products are processed, if possible with DEMETER seal. In addition to the culinary pampering of our guests, the respect for the work of the farmers is in the foreground for us. DEMETER aims to promote the living: earth, plant, animal and human. Find out more about BIO and DEMETER on our website. Our philosophy is based on the values of region, season, fair trade and freshness. True to these values, we work mainly with suppliers from the region and from Baden-Württemberg. Since we know most of our suppliers personally, we directly stand for their quality. We present our most important suppliers on our website. Our kitchen is characterized by the combination of timeless and modern influences. The menu in the Lässig consists of a fixed offer, supplemented by theme cards suitable for the current season. Thus, we can conjure up the most delicious dishes of the season on the plate and meet the high demands on our products and suppliers.


Gerokstraße 12
70188 Stuttgart


Tue - Sat
11:30 - 23:00
11:30 - 18:00


0711 60145707


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