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Swabian and Thai specialties from a kitchen? Is that possible? Goes very well!
Cuisine: Asian, Regional
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For lunch: soup or salad + 2 € | Espresso + 1,50 €
Main Course
We are closed until 01/31/2020.
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Dessert menu
Homemade mango and passion fruit sorbet 3, 20 €
... infused with Kessler sparkling wine 5, 70 €
Soups - Swabian
Broth with dumplings and chives 4, 80 €
Beef broth with liver dumplings and chives 5, 20 €
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About us

Anyone who has looked at the map for the first time is surprised: Two country kitchens in the same restaurant, is that possible? If you have eaten here for the first time, you know: Yes, it works very well. Because the operators, the brothers Mathias Volz and Sukan Phutsorn, have Swabian-Thai roots and therefore know exactly what tastes best where. And because quality and hospitality are above all else. Chef Sukan grew up with his mother's authentic Thai food, later trained as a cook "in the countryside" and then worked both here and in Thailand. Mathias is a barman and sommelier ensures that the guests are provided with the appropriate fine wines. The beverage offer is seasonal and is regularly supplemented by self-made specials at the whim of the bar manager. The most important thing: Everything that leaves the kitchen is fresh, authentic and prepared by hand. That's why Sukan and Mathias always work with regional growers who have the same freshness and quality standards as the two gastronomic professionals. Do you fancy ruskbrodbroda, kasschbäddzla, tom yam gung or masaman curry? Then you are in the right place with the Three Moors. And in the warm season in front of the listed building in one of the most beautiful corners of the bean quarter, you can enjoy Swabian and Thai classics or one of the many delicious cocktails.


Pfarrstraße 23
70182 Stuttgart


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