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Enjoy a combination of the kitchen styles around the Pacific - with breathtaking views of the Schlossplatz.
Cuisine: Regional, Other cuisines
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Lunch specials

26 Feb
27 Feb
28 Feb
29 Feb
1 Mar
Main Course
String sausages / lentils / spaetzle 12, 95 €
Pasta / basil pesto 9, 90 €
Fish fillet / herb risotto 12, 95 €
We also have our lunch menu
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From our menu

Lunch / appetizers and snacks
Winter leafy salads / carrots / pumpkin seeds / beetroot 12, 90 €
Ham-cheese quiche / sour cream / lettuce 9, 80 €
Lunch / main courses
Pumpkin Curry / Mango Chutney / Rice Crispy 23, 95 €
Veal steak / roasted cauliflower / potato gnocchi / parsley butter 23, 90 €
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About us

The cube is located on the top floor of the Stuttgart Art Museum, Stuttgart's most spectacular location. Glass on all sides allows a unique view of Stuttgart's center and the Schloßplatz. The reduced interior gives the impression of urban generosity and gives the restaurant crew a clear vision: "Deliver a new Dining".

Our lunchtime specials are light, fresh and international. From Monday to Friday we spoil you every day with a new daily recommendation. A multi-course lunch menu rounds off the lunch menu. With us, the business guest and the art lover can feel comfortable.

In the afternoon, the Cube is ideal for a relaxing coffee break with daily fresh cakes and pies from the pastry chef. Fruity, creamy, yummy - we have something for every taste.

In the evening, when chef Michael Bahn presents his aromatic "Pacific Rim Cuisine", it becomes even more exclusive when it comes to combining Pacific kitchen styles.

Our wine list unites local heroes and top international winemakers. Enjoy our wide selection of first-class wines - also by the glass.


Kleiner Schloßplatz 1
70173 Stuttgart


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
11:45 - 16:45
18:00 - 00:00


0711 2804441


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