Restaurant Rösch

Restaurant Rösch



Refreshing herbal gin cocktail with low alcohol
6,50 €
Stuffed ox-heart tomato with red shrimps and Mediterranean tomato-cucumber salad
15,90 €
Tripe chicory salad with radish Tomatoes red onions and chives
10,50 €
Swabian sausage salad with radish red onions chives and fried potatoes
9,90 €
Roesch burgers: Beef steak from local Simmental Fleckvieh in Brioche-Bun with wild herbs and gaucho sauce, goat cream cheese, grilled pineapple and sweet potato fries
15,90 €

Stuttgart by the sea

Salmon filet baked with remoulade and potato endive salad
12,90 €
Salmon centerpiece on Pommery mustard sauce with vegetable sauces and basmati rice
22,90 €
Whole matjes herring on apple cucumber ragout with parsley potatoes
15,90 €
Sepia grilled on Mediterranean paprika vegetables and Risolee potatoes
18,90 €

Soups, salads and treats

Rinderkraft broth with grated Maultasche
5,50 €
Fried scallops with home-made tomato salad and homemade coconut cubes
15,90 €
Colorful salad treats l side salad
3,90 €
Ceasar salad with Parmesan pickled olives and tomatoes
5,90 €
Wild herb salad with pomegranate dressing and dates and radishes, asparagus tips, avocado
7,90 €
Pickling salad with warm goat cream cheese
7,90 €

Main dishes

Butterschnitzel Rösch with side dishes to choose from
13,50 €
Pickled veal steak with creamed chanterelles on spaghetti
15,90 €
Cordon bleu of veal with parsley potatoes and lettuce
24,90 €
Homemade plate roast brawn richly garnished with roasted potatoes
13,80 €

Vegan and vegetarian main courses

Colorful asparagus goulash with roasted pumpkin seeds and chips "violet" (vegan)
14,90 €
Spiral pasta with cherry tomatoes, basil and sliced cheese
8,90 €
Stuffed sweet potatoes with fried fennel and pickles salad
11,90 €

Schwaben feast

Roast Maultaschen crispy fried with Ziwebelschmälze bacon and potato endive
14,50 €
Three pigs: Three pork filet medallions with cream mushrooms and spaetzle
15,90 €
Sour Nierle with trollinger sauce, gürkle and fried potatoes
13,90 €
Plate roast richly garnished with roasted potatoes
13,80 €
Tripe sour in trollinger sauce with fried potatoes
14,50 €
Roast Rostbraten regional rural rearing | Fleckvieh black white | with crispy onions and spaetzle, about 180g
26 €
... about 250g
34,50 €
Onion roast with two onions and spaetzle about 200g
21,90 €


Tiramisu garnished with fruits
5,80 €
Panna cotta with marinated berries and cream
6,80 €
Stuffed tree cake with vanilla cream and fried peach
8,50 €
Mango sorbet tingling with splash
5 €
Dessert smoochl / dessert of the day
3,90 €
Coffee Roaster "Special Banana" Espresso with banana liqueur and whipped cream
5,50 €

Coffee and tea

We exclusively and exclusively use Caffè Barbera Hesperia
Espresso | Cup of coffee with pastries
3,20 €
Double coffee "Cappuccino"
4,10 €
Large milk, small coffee
3,90 €
Double coffee frozen and drunk
7,50 €
Darjeeling from whole tea leaves - glass
2,90 €
... pot
4,10 €
Coffee Roaster "Spezial Banana": Espresso with banana liqueur and whipped cream
5,50 €