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Italian joie de vivre, hospitality and trattoria ambience in the heart of Stuttgart.
From 11.30 - 15.00. All dishes with side salad.
Ravioli filled with ricotta spinach in butter and sage sauce 8, 40 €
Grilled salmon fillet with pasta 13, 90 €
Panna cotta 3, 50 €
Vietnamese, stylish, tasty in the middle of Stuttgart
SUP GA NAM - Chicken soup, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, beech mushroom, tungo, ginger, coriander 2, 50 €
GOI MIEN - glass noodle salad, bell pepper, cucumber, carrot, herbs, peanuts, roasted onions 2, 30 €
BO LUC LAC - Fried beef steak cubes, kayang, tomatoes, lettuce, rice 8, 90 €
DAU HU RIM CA CHUA - tofu cubes, tomatoes, celery, rice 7, 70 €
Vietnamese-Asian cuisine at the Wilhelmplatz - we cook fresh, authentic and delicious for you every day.
Happy Lunch - soft drink 0,2 l, crispy spring roll, daily meal, Vietnam. Coffee or Espresso 13,90 €
Breakfast classic, cafe and lunch restaurant - homemade and freshly prepared.
Bohemian beef goulash with peppers and toasted bread 14, 50 €
Every afternoon at these dishes
Japanese cuisine, authentic, fresh and in the middle of Stuttgart.
From Tuesday to Saturday we have our Lunch Specials
Treat yourself to a break and let yourself be pampered. The family Annunziata welcomes you.
From Monday to Friday we have our menus
Insider tip for meat lovers and bon vivants in the Eberhardstraße.
No lunch specials today.
Have a look at our menu.
Sea noise and dune feeling in Stuttgart.
Mon - Fri Business Lunch: incl. Mineral water 0,25 l and espresso 19 €
Farm salad with cucumber, tomato and onion
Beef sliced with cauliflower and potato gratin
We cook fresh food every day and every hour. So regional, so organic, as seasonal as it is sensible and possible.
Pea stew with potatoes (vegan) 5, 50 €
Turkey sliced with mushrooms and ribbon pasta 9, 00 €
Fried fish with baked potato and chili mayo 9, 50 €
Every day from 11.30 am to 10 pm there are also these dishes
In our restaurant, the guest may expect much - only one thing not: boredom.
New Stuttgart Kitchen daily from 11:30 to 22:00