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Delicious home cooking in Stuttgart's greenest location - Swabian, vegetarian, simply good.
Pea stew with potatoes, bacon and sausage, with bread 7, 90 €
Enjoy a combination of the kitchen styles around the Pacific - with breathtaking views of the Schlossplatz.
Beef / spaetzle sliced mushrooms 12, 95 €
Pasta Bolognese 9, 90 €
Fish fillet / herb sauce / vegetables / rice 12, 95 €
We also have our lunch menu
Vietnamese, stylish, tasty in the middle of Stuttgart
SUP BI - pumpkin soup, glass noodles, morels, coriander 2, 30 €
WAN TAN CHAY - crispy dumplings, vegetable filling, sweet and sour dip 2, 30 €
XIEN GA TAY - Grilled turkey kebabs, kohlrabi, sweet potatoes, green curry, lemon grass, rice 8, 70 €
TRUNG CHIEN - omelette, vegetable filling, fried onions, herbs, rice
Our bistro kitchen offers a daily hot lunch, a changing soup, as well as a quiche and panini.
From 12.00 - 14.30
Monday = Schnitzel Day: Breaded Schnitzel with Potato Salad or Green Salad or French Fries 8, 50 €
Every lunch there are these dishes
Cross - culture cuisine in the ambience of a harbor restaurant on the American coast.
No lunch specials today.
Have a look at our menu.
Swabian and Thai specialties from a kitchen? Is that possible? Goes very well!
For lunch: soup or salad + 2 € | Espresso + 1,50 €
We are closed until 01/31/2020.
Insider tip for meat lovers and bon vivants in the Eberhardstraße.
No lunch specials today.
Have a look at our menu.
We love deer, roe and fish - and of course vegetarian.
Closed today
Italian cuisine at a high level in imposing architecture.
For each main course we serve you one of the listed appetizers
Fresh market salad or soup of the day
Pizza with four different types of cheese 8, 50 €
Cod fillet (steamed), with fresh vegetables 13, 50 €
In the Steigenberger Hotel Graf Zeppelin at the main train station, enjoy contemporary star cuisine in a modern ambience.
Closed today