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Fresh, surprising, crossover - café and day bar in one of the most beautiful places in Stuttgart.
Open with hygienic measures Pick-up & delivery service for lunch
Large mixed salad 7, 90 €
Hearty pork and beef kebabs with rice 12, 90 €
Yogurt cream with contaccini and honeydew melon 4, 80 €
Japanese delicacies and delicacies - authentic, fresh and unforgettable tasty.
From Monday to Saturday we have our lunch and our lunch menus
Light, tasty, casual ... you have to experience this pleasure yourself. ORGANIC gastronomy with DEMETER certification.
Opened again! ToGo offer applies to all food and beverages.
Fennel risotto with lemon basil sauce and parmesan 10, 50 €
Salad of the week: a colorful salad with fried tofu, mango and coconut chips 12, 50 €
Weekly meal: potato pan with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and goat cream cheese 11, 50 €
Locality & stage. Freshly cooked, seasonal, regional, Mediterranean, simply delicious.
Our restaurant is currently closed.
Regional classics of Swabian cuisine. Complemented by a selection of dishes that change with the seasons.
We are open again - if the weather is fine, the terrace is open too! All take-away food.
Two homemade dumplings with wild garlic sauce, tomato salad 9, 80 €
Japanese cuisine, authentic, fresh and in the middle of Stuttgart.
We are back for you! Meals can still be ordered for collection.
Our lunch specials are available from Tuesday to Saturday
Gourmet restaurant. Bar. Cafe. Lounge. Share the passion for something special.
Fresh Food over the rooftops of Stuttgart - in the Breuninger 4th floor.
Turkey roast, carrot and leek, potato cubes 9, 90 €
The best of the region - freshly cooked and without industrial flavor enhancers or artificial additives.
Reopened | Day ticket 11:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. | All dishes are still available to take away.
cold cucumber bowl 4, 50 €
Saltimbocca from the Swabian Hälische Landschwein with lemon sauce, tagliatelle and colorful vegetables 10, 00 €
Homemade mocha ice cream with fresh strawberries 4, 50 €
On current occasion: pick-up service
Breakfast classics, café and lunch restaurant - homemade and freshly prepared.
These dishes are always available at lunchtime