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Linger, enjoy, let reminisce about cultural impressions. We l (i)> enjoyment!
From 12 to 15 o'clock to each dish a small salad and an espresso
Changing daily specials - please ask for our midday specials.
From 12 to 15 o'clock to each dish a small salad and an espresso
In our restaurant, the guest may expect much - only one thing not: boredom.
New Stuttgart Kitchen daily from 11:30 to 22:00
Classic Italian cuisine interpreted in a modern and surprising way - visit us on Dobelstraße in the south.
Business lunch: 1x starter, 1x main course, 1x espresso 14, -
ANTIPASTI MISTO - Italian cold cuts, olives, cheese 5, 00 €
RAVIOLONI DI ZUCCA - pumpkin ravioli, sage butter 8, 00 €
FILETTO DI MAIALE - pork fillet, pumpkin potato, wild herbs 10, 00 €
Italian, fresh, authentic - and in the middle of Stuttgart. Visit us next to City Library and Milaneo.
Menu di lavoro 15 €: dish 1 as appetizer | Court 2 or 3 as main course | dessert
Tortellini with spinach and ricotta filling in tomato and cream sauce with salad 8, 00 €
Pizza with tuna and a mixed salad 7, 50 €
hazelnut tart
We cook fresh food every day and every hour. So regional, so organic, as seasonal as it is sensible and possible.
Semolina cake with plum compote (vegan) 5, 50 €
Meat cheese with roasted onion and potato salad 8, 00 €
Miso soup with shrimps, dumplings, glass noodles and Asian vegetables 8, 50 €
Every day from 11.30 am to 10 pm there are also these dishes
Vietnamese-Asian cuisine at the Wilhelmplatz - we cook fresh, authentic and delicious for you every day.
Happy Lunch - soft drink 0,2 l, crispy spring roll, daily meal, Vietnam. Coffee or Espresso 13,90 €
Treat yourself to a break and let yourself be pampered. The Annunziata family welcomes you.
Business lunch € 21, a starter, a main course and dessert / alternatively espresso
Saltimbocca di Maiale alla Romana with Porri gratinati - Medallions of Schwäb. Häll. Land pig fillet, sage, leek 21, 00 €
From Monday to Friday we have our menus
Sea noise and dune feeling in Stuttgart.
Mon - Fri Business Lunch: incl. Mineral water 0,25l and espresso 19 €
Beef salad with peppers and cucumbers
Organic salmon with bimi and lemon puree 19, 00 €
Italian joie de vivre, hospitality and trattoria ambience in the heart of Stuttgart.
From 11.30 - 15.00. All dishes with side salad.
Panzerotti with buffalo mozzarella stuffed in Datterinitomatensauce 8, 40 €
Cod fillet with olives, capers and Datininitomaten in white wine sauce, with pasta 13, 90 €
Tiramisu 3, 50 €
The Tempus is at the pulse of music, history and culture. Art and politics meet there.
Tempus makes you mobile: Visit our food truck in front of the restaurant. Daily changing offers!