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(karls) kitchen

Fresh Food over the rooftops of Stuttgart - in the Breuninger 4th floor.
Japanese cuisine, authentic, fresh and in the middle of Stuttgart.
From Tuesday to Saturday we have our Lunch Specials

Sushi ONE

Do you love sushi classic or modern? Let us spoil you and taste the difference.
At noon we have our menus
Brot Zeit Café - BrotZeit 'different ... and MORE than a cafe!
All dishes: fresh and without additives.
Lunch of the day
BrotZeit der Woche: Grilled bread with egg salad
Lunchtime of the week: Wild herbs and asparagus salad with basil vinaigrette


Breakfast classic, cafe and lunch restaurant - homemade and freshly prepared.
Every afternoon at these dishes
Enjoy Euro-Asian fusion cuisine of the highest level and later turn night into a bar and club.
No lunch specials today.
Have a look at our menu.

Restaurant Rösch

Regional cuisine made from seasonal, seasonal produce in the west of Stuttgart.
Lunch salad | side salad 3, 90 €
Rump steak with herb butter and french fries 13, 90 €
Dessert of the day 3, 90 €
Please refer to our recommendations

Lo Stivale

Three guys from Italy conjure up Italian cuisine at the Feuersee.
No lunch specials today.
Have a look at our menu.


Delicious home cooking in Stuttgart's greenest location - Swabian, vegetarian, simply good.
No lunch specials today.
Have a look at our menu.
French and international cuisine, which is characterized by great attention to detail and fine flavors.
From Tuesday to Friday we serve you our Menu du jour