About LunchGuide

We like going out for lunch, whether it’s somewhere just around the corner or when we’re out and about. But we want to eat great, tasty food, not just any old thing, so we only go to a few select eateries – ones tried and tested by us, ones where we can be sure that the owners put their heart and soul into their metier.

So far, so good. But how do I know what’s available and where? Try finding lunch menus online and you might as well give up straight away – either because your favourite restaurant doesn’t post lunch menus, or because by the time you’ve called up the fifth menu, you’ve forgotten what was on the first one. All of which made us think: Something needs to be done about this. That was how LunchGuide was born.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could see all our favourite eateries’ lunch menus at a glance, instead of having to laboriously click through from one to another? And if we could discover new restaurants, safe in the knowledge that we’ll be served good food? If you’ve ever trawled the internet to try and find a suitable restaurant, you’ll know only too well how much time it takes – and how frustrating it can be if you draw a blank. So wouldn’t it be a good thing if you were able to locate the best restaurants quickly, easily and effectively?

Not only would it be – it is. LunchGuide makes it possible: Find the really good restaurants, preferably owner-run ones with high gastronomic standards. Know what’s available and where – day for day, at a glance and always up to date.

And last but not least: Because good food is what motivates us, and not making money through the back door: With LunchGuide there’s no advertising and no tracking. On principle.